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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The wait is finally over...MGP VX9 scooters are now available to pre-order! As another year rolls by so does another drop of a Madd Gear Pro VX series. As always SkateHut are at the forefront of the action, supplying you with everything you need to know about the latest MGP drop. It's safe to say the ninth generation scooters have come out swinging! Don't take our word for it though. Jump straight into the info below to see what's new.

VX9 Pro - The Champ

MGP VX9 Pro Lime/Aqua Stunt Scooter

First up, the Pro. An absolute champion of a scooter, especially for younger riders. While it is the cheapest in the line, it is by no means lacking! At only 3.16kg, it's a whopping 11.5% lighter than the VX8 model. This great reduction shows just how much MGP listen to their fans. You wanted a lighter scooter - you got one! With this model, MGP have opted for standard IHC forks. This means you can now swap the bars to any IHC bars without needing to buy a separate compression shim. If you want IHC aluminium bars you just need to get an oversized clamp. The VX9 Pro is a great scooter for the skate park, and is suitable for younger riders aged 6+. PRE-ORDER HERE.

VX9 Team X Fuel - The Popular Kid

MGP VX9 Team Fuel Butanol Stunt Scooter

Every year the MGP Team Edition scooter is the bestseller. We'll see if this year keeps the pattern going! The Team X Fuel will be available in 2 different deck sizes 4.5” x 19.5” and 4.8” x 20”. MGP have been able to shed 9.6% off last year's Team edition making this year's Team scooter insanely light. If you're a park rider, you may lean more towards the 4.5” variant as this model is aimed at you. While street riders may be more partial to the 4.8”. PRE-ORDER HERE.

VX9 Nitro - The Showman

MGP VX9 Nitro Neo Splatter Stunt Scooter

A returning favourite of ours is the Nitro scooter. The all-rounder that is designed to let you show off no matter where you are. At only 3.55kg this is the lightest Nitro MGP have ever produced. It's also reportedly their strongest Nitro, with the inclusion of steel IHC bars. Nitro models are a sure favourite to fly off the shelves this year. Secure your PRE-ORDER NOW.

VX9 Extreme - The Uncompromising

MGP VX9 Extreme Nitrous Stunt Scooter

The VX9 Extreme comes in 2 deck length sizes 19.5” and 20”, giving older riders a bit more choice. At only 3.32kg it is the lightest Extreme ever made - all the better for park riding! With 120mm wheels, abec 11 bearings, IHC bars and IHC forks, this scooter is designed to get you in the air landing some insane tricks! For the rider that likes the weightless feel - try MFX alloy bars by changing the clamp to an oversized clamp. This will easily to shed even more weight. PRE-ORDER HERE.

VX9 Pendulum - The Beast

MGP VX9 Pendulum Stunt Scooter 19.5"

The Pendulum is the new model of the series. It features a 5.0” wide deck and is available in 2 lengths: 19.5” and 21.5”. At 4.29kg, it is the heaviest of the VX9 series, perfect for street use and recommended for older teens and adults. Why not take this beast to your local street spot and see just how crazy you can get with the support of MGP’s amazing upgrades? PRE-ORDER HERE.

View the full Madd Gear Pro VX9 range now!

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