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MGP MGX Scooters - Brand New Release

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MGP MGX Scooters - Brand New Release


Let’s waste no time with a drawn-out intro! Here’s the announcement gals and guys: the MGP MGX Scooters have finally been released, and you can purchase from SkateHut right now! After much anticipation and speculation over the new design of the MGX scooters, we are now able to give you a full run-down of this new line of stunt scooters. First things first - they are not vx10 scooters! I'm sure everyone along with us expected this range to be called the vx10 line, but it is indeed the MGX line. Here's all the information you've been wanting to know about the MGX range.

"The MGX Freestyle Scooter Collection Signifies an exciting new addition to the Madd Gear product range and builds upon our heritage as one of the original and most progressive freestyle scooter brands in the world!"

MGX First Look & Full Spec

The last 3 generations of MGP scooters have brought us some of the most popular stunt scooters in the game! This year is no different. As one of the leading scoot brands in the world, MGP have delivered yet another fire line of scooters.

MGX S1 Shredder 4.5” 

The first and the smallest of the new MGX range is the S1 Shredder. Designed for younger riders it has shorter bars and a shorter deck. This scooter is super light at only 3.2kg making it great for park and street riding! It features removable box ends and a skeletonised headtube making styling on this scooter look amazing. With the general upgrades such as improved welds, smoother bearings and even comfier grips, this is the perfect scooter for younger riders looking to take their skills to the next level.

MGX P1 Pro 4.5” 

A great scooter for freestyle riding! The P1 Pro is the first of the Pro’s to feature 120mm wheels. These wheels will make clearing the coping on the ramps easier, and it will give more speed to help with big air tricks. This model has all-round upgrades such as low friction headset bearings and K-2 Abec 9 wheel bearings, this comes out of the box ready to help you dial in those tricks. With a complete weight of only 3.30kg and a deck length of 27.75” this is a comfortable scooter for users between the ages of 6 and 9. The styling on this scooter is unique so people will not only spot that you ride MGP straight away but that you are riding an MGX!

MGX T1 Team 5.0”

Featuring a wider deck and taller bars, the T1 Team scooter is great for hitting your favourite street spot or the local parks. Featuring 120mm wheels for a higher top speed and smoother bearings, this set up is great for riders that love to push their limits! Featuring an IHC compression this scooter can take aluminium handlebars with a simple change to an oversized clamp. With a complete weight of 3.6kg this is insanely light for its size, the styling and quality of the MGX range is bound to draw attention when you are hitting those big air tricks!

MGX E1 Extreme 5.0”

The top tier of the MGX Range! With taller handlebars and a longer and wider deck, the E1 Extreme is a serious scooter aimed at adult riders. With pro-level parts you can be sure the performance of this scooter is going to be phenomenal. At only 3.4kg MGP have shaved weight every way they can featuring aluminium handlebars and a skeletonised deck. The build quality on the deck feels amazing with some excellent machining which perfects the balance between weight reduction and durability, perfect for hitting both street and park this scooter is sure to help you make the best of your skills.

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