Lou 3.0: Our Review

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Lou 3.0: Our Review

Love to cruise but don’t want to work up a sweat? We have just the thing, the Lou 3.0! 

The long awaiting third edition of the popular electric skateboard is finally here and we’ve been lucky enough to give one a go so we can rave about it to you guys.

Let’s kick off with the specs

Compared to the original Lou 1.0, the 3.0 has gone through some major upgrades. For starters, the 3.0 has a carbon fibre deck, which makes this board highly durable. It’s water resistant so whatever the weather, you can get out there on this board and it won’t ruin it.

It has silent and efficient motors in both back wheels which have increased the power of the Lou and it can still operate as a normal skateboard without the motors running. So if your battery runs out, you can still keep moving happily. The wheels themselves are 80, 78A wheels and are replaceable.

The 36V 3ah battery pack lies flat inside the board, giving it a sleek and streamlined finish. It can travel between 12 – 15 miles (20 – 25km) on one full charge and reach a massive top speed of 21mph (35km/h)! Better yet, the lithium-ion battery can be fully charged within just 2 hours, meaning you won’t be waiting around for too long to get back out there.

It weighs just 5.4kg meaning is handy to carry around and just 66cm long, it’s the classic cruiser size, small and compact.

It’s controlled by a small handheld remote that operates the speed and direction of the board. It has two speed settings so you can limit the speeds you hit (safer for your first couple of rides)

Our thoughts

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to try out this electric skateboard, it was easy to get set up and started and is really simple to control. Skaters and none skaters tried it out and everyone agreed that it was smooth to ride.

The slower control setting allows you to accelerate at a steady pace so after your first initial push, you have time to adjust your feet and get well balanced. Once you’re feeling more confident, you can up the speed and start to have some real fun.

We tried it out on a road that had some rougher patches and slight slopes and none of these were an issue for the wheels. The size is perfect for comfortable cruising and it is nippy when it comes to turning corners and upping the speed.

Overall, we had a great time testing it and we would definitely recommend it to any form of skater.

You can get your Lou board from our site, we have a variety of colours available for both the 3.0 and the 1.0 if you’re looking to try one of their other boards.


Have you got the Lou 3.0? Or perhaps one of the earlier models? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it either via social media or in the comments below. 

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