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Longboarding: Everything You Need to Know

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Longboarding: Everything You Need to Know

What is Longboarding?

You’ve seen and heard about it but what actually is it? Longboarding is a sport and a hobby, similar to skateboarding, that takes its influences from surfing and skating. Much like any other extreme sport, it is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re looking to get into longboarding yourself, here are a few things you need to know before you start!

Longboard Deck Styles

There are lots of different styles of longboarding and varying board shapes. Here at SkateHut we’re confident that you’ll find the styles that are perfect for you.

Pintail - Ideal for cruising around town and learning to carve. Pintail boards are longer in length with tapered ends and are suited to directional riding.

Fishtail - Fishtail boards are short in length and have a double pronged tail, similar to that of a fish's.

Drop Through - The clue is in the name! The trucks “drop” through the board, providing a lower centre of gravity and therefore, more stability.

Top Mount - The most traditional style of longboard, top mounted boards have a higher centre of gravity making them more responsive and versatile.

Cruiser - Short and well-rounded, Cruiser longboards are great for cruising!

Arbor Longboards red shutter

Longboarding Styles

Typically, longboarders will have different boards for the different styles of riding they do:

Downhill - Bombing down hills at top speeds. For these types of rides try a top mount deck.

Freeride - Tricks, slides, and grabs. Through decks are perfect for freeriding.

Cruising - Transportation, leisure and simply cruising – Grab a cruiser deck.

Slalom - Weaving in and out of obstacles – Go for a top mount deck.

Dancing - Dancing while riding. Longer and wider for your moves! Try a pintail or a top mount deck.

Beginner Boards

One of the first things you’ll have to master as a longboarding beginner, is your stance. The foot you place at the top of the board is for balancing and the other is for pushing. To get started on your first board, check out our great beginner longboards:

Two Bare Feet The Chad Complete Longboard

Two Bare Feet The Chad Longboard

Restless Longboard - Fishbowl Complete

Restless Longboard - Fishbowl Complete

Brand New Boards

Longboarding is multifaceted and riders can always get more involved and reach new levels. Once you get into it you may even desire a customised board. Take a peek at our brand-new boards to get you wishing you were out on the tarmac right now!

Mindless Sanke III Complete Longboard

Mindless Sanke III Complete Longboard

Restless Longboard - Splinter Series Bust

Restless Longboard - Splinter Series Bust

Longboard Bundles

Now that you’ve got all that down, don’t forget a helmet, pads and some good shoes! Browse our longboard bundles to help you make a saving.

Havana Beginner Longboard Bundle

Havana Beginner Longboard Bundle

Ram Ciemah Complete Longboard Bundle


Remember everyone is unique and so just choose what works best for you. View our entire catalogue of longboards here and order today to start riding tomorrow!


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