ICYMI | 2016

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ICYMI | 2016

So you’ve got a lot on your plate. We can’t expect you to read everything we post over the week, but there’s stuff you might have missed out on - don't panic! Each week we’ll be throwing together a summary to help you catch up on the previous week. So, without further a-do, lets get amongst it!

We started the week off with a swift kick in the ‘inspirations’. We introduced you guys to a short video from the final rounds of this years X Games street skating. We know as well as you that the sofa/bed can call your name, and at times it can be very to hard to ignore, but believe us, this video will get that fire burning again and having you reaching for your board!

Vine has always been one of our favourite ‘anti boredom’ platforms. Check out this video of someone skating a bin. You read that right. Not skating on a bin, not skating near a bin, but actually skating a bin. Watch. Laugh. Repeat. 

Next up we’ve got the Skatehut Spring Sale. With 100’s of items discounted with up to 70% off, there isn't much more we need to tell you guys other that... GO! GO! GO!


Vans turns 50

Vans Turned 50 years old this week. FIFTY YEARS OLD!! Not many brands across all genres, let alone skateboarding, can claim to have been at the top of their game for 50 years. You’ve seen the videos, you know the riders, and there's a strong chance you have a pair of their shoes on your feet right now! We thought we’d pick a few of our favourites from over the years. so sit back and check out this short video from earlier in the week.

And finally we have the Central City Roller Girls Raffle. The girls are raising money to take themselves out to the United States to compete in some of the biggest tournaments in Roller Derby. So, you like Prizes? C’mon, who doesn’t. The team have put together a colossal Raffle with some great prizes! A years supply of Chocolate is ALWAYS a good place to start!

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