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Ice Hockey

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Ice Hockey

Earlier on this week we took a closer look at Figure Skating alongside the Winter Olympics. Now we’re checking out another amazing icy sport – Ice Hockey!

First of all, we need to congratulate USA who won the first women’s ice hockey gold in 20 years! They fought hard through an intense game with Canada and managed to secure the win in a shootout to get the Gold! A great game, as expected, from two amazing teams.

This weekend, the men take to the ice for the medals. The play-offs begin today where Czech Republic with play Olympic Athletes of Russia and Canada face Germany!

Ice Hockey has a great reputation here, with some extremely talented teams in the Elite Ice Hockey League, which is highest level of ice hockey competition in the UK.


Wait, what even is Ice Hockey?

  • A fast paced, full-contact team sport play on an ice rink
  • It involves 2 teams each made up of 6 players
  • They have hockey sticks and use them to shoot a puck in to the opponents net to score a goal
  •  The game is won by the team that has scored the most goals
  • It lasts for 3 20 minute periods


So, how does someone get involved in this great sport?

  • Learn to skate – you’ve got to be sure you like ice skating, and have a knack for it! Head to your nearest ice rink for a session.
  • Practice makes perfect – Once you’ve got the basics, keep at it until you’re confident on the ice
  • Get your kit together – You will need some good Ice Hockey skate, conveniently we have a great range HERE. We can also offer advice and tips when getting your first pair. 

  • Look for some hockey lessons – find out if your local ice rink has beginner lessons that you can sign up for.
  • Stick it to 'em - Now you've got the skating down and your boots are comfy, start practicing with a hockey stick so that you can get your balance right. We have some hockey sticks available HERE.
  • Join a team and hit the ice – Once you’re ready, find a local team that are looking for players and sign yourself up to take to the ice!

And there we have it, if you’ve been searching for a new and exciting sport to get involved in, Ice Hockey could well be what you were looking for! 

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