How to Install & Remove Heelys Wheels

Here at SkateHut, we’ve been selling Heelys for over ten years. One of the most popular questions we still get asked is, how do I change the wheels on my Heelys? In this step by step guide, we will show you how to do so with minimal effort!

Original Heelys

*Important information - For each pair of Heelys, there is a smaller wheel and a slightly bigger wheel that fits into the compartments in the sole. Before fitting your wheels, take a look at the letters etched into the side of the wheels that correspond with the lettering in the bottom of the wheel.

Step 1 - Removing the cover

heelys heel and removal tool Insert Heelys tool into wheel cover

The first step to installing the wheels is to turn the shoe upside down so you can see the wheel hub cover. You’ll notice one of the sides has an indentation. Using the Heely’s tool, insert it into the indentation of the cover. Now use the tool to lever the cover up and away from the shoe, making sure to keep it somewhere safe.

Step 2 - Installing the wheel

Heelys - inserting wheel Heelys - inserting wheel with palm

Next, take the Heelys wheel and line up the two axels on either side of the wheel with the wheel hub in the shoe and press the wheel into the hub using the flat of your palm. With some gentle pressure you should hear each of the axels click into place at which point the wheel will roll freely. These two steps can be repeated for the second shoe.

Step 3 - Reversing the process/ Removing the wheel

Inserting heelys wheel 1 Inserting heelys wheel 2

To turn the Heelys back into shoes, take the Heelys tool and use the hook of the tool to get at the side of the Heely’s wheel and underneath the axle. With a gentle pull this will dislodge the axle allowing the wheel to be removed. Then insert the hub cover and use pressure on each corner to ensure it sits flush in the shoe and then it’s ready to be worn as just a shoe again.

Heelys Pop

The latest addition to the Heelys family is the pop model which allows the wheel to be extended and retracted with the push of a button in the heel. Here’s how to extract and retract Heelys Pop wheels.

Step 1

Heelys POP Disney Toy Story side view

The wheel will usually be in the retracted position first so to deploy the wheel simply push the flush button at the back of the shoe next to the heel. Once pressed the wheel will spring outwards into position ready to roll.

Step 2

Heelys POP Disney Toy Story back view

When you want to put the wheel back into the hub get the wearer to lift their heel so the button at the rear of the heel can be pressed easily. The wheel can be pushed back into its hub with some gentle pressure as the hub is spring-loaded. Once the wheel is in flush with the shoe’s sole then release the button for the spring, ready to be primed, ready for the next push to deploy it again.

With some practice, this process for either Heelys or Heelys Pop can be completed in just a few minutes and we hope our guide will help you become the Heelys Pit Stop mechanic for your family. If you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team via the live chat function on our website or watch our videos below.

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