Heelys X Chupa Chups Collab 2021

A Delicious Combination!

Heelys have done a load of big collaborations in the past, but this one sure is sweeter than ever. Introducing, Heelys x Chupa Chups!

Heelys have gone all out here, collaborating with our all-time favourite lollipop brand, Chupa Chups. Not only will you be setting big trends in 2021 with these bad boys, but this delicious mix will mean that you can kick back and glide with a pair of iconic treats on your feet. Let’s explore this powerful combo a little closer.

Heelys x Chupa Chups Split

With a textbook white on black look which will go with whatever you’re wearing, the Heelys x Chupa Chups Split has a timeless look to it! This classic style, coupled with the oversized Chupa Chups logo and lollipop designs laid out modestly on the white vamp of the trainers is just what you need to express your uniqueness. It is definitely the perfect split between chic and simple.

Heelys x Chupa Chups Veloz

The Heelys x Chupa Chups Veloz adds a bit more flair into this tasty mix. This eye-catching trainer has an oversized Chupa Chups logo on the vamp of the shoe, along with the unforgettable lollipop theme covering the entire shoe! I think it’s safe to say that you can’t get any more Chupa Chups-y than this incredible pair.

Heelys x Chupa Chups Pro 20 - White/Black/Multi/Nylon Canvas

Now, the Heelys X Chupa Chups Pro 20 also has that classic white on black feel, with the lollipop designs perfectly placed on the white vamp along with the logo! This simple but authentic look is sure to catch the attention of others as you glide in style. Not only will you look like a cruising superstar, but you will feel it too; the padded tongue and collar on this pair will give you all the comfort and protection you need. Also, the bright red durable rubber sole and abrasive resistant brake pad allows you to have full control of your movement.

Heelys x Chupa Chups Pro 20 - Azalea Pink/Pink/White/Nylon

The Heelys x Chupa Chups Pro 20 in Azalea Pink/Pink/White/Nylon takes this iconic rolling sneaker one step further. The bright pink colours, together with the Chupa Chups logo makes this pair of Heelys tastier than ever! With the coloured bright stripes on the toes and the crisp white laces, this impressive colour scheme is truly sweet enough to eat.

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