Grit Stunt Scooters - Brand New Range!

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Grit Stunt Scooters - Brand New Range!

The 2021 Range

Around this time of year there are so many brand new stunt scooter releases but the Grit 2021 release has to be one of the most extensive drops this season. The 2021 range has something for everyone so we're going to look in-depth at the different models so you can pick the right one for you!

Atom 2021

Pink Grit Atom Stunt Scooter Blue Grit Atom Stunt Scooter

To kick things off you have the value for money model, and an excellent entry-level, beginner commuter/ stunt scooter in The Atom 2021! The key features will be popular for smaller kids who are still growing. The scooter comes with height adjustable handlebars (19.6” - 21.6”) preventing kids from growing out of the scooter too quickly. It's also nice and light whilst being durable which is perfect for younger kids. The Atom also comes with 100mm, 85a durometer wheels which are perfect for outdoor riding for the school commute or at the park. The atom also comes in a range of four colourways to choose from!

Angel / Extremist

Grit Angel Stunt Scooter black grit extremist stunt scooter

As you're going to see this range really looks to ensure that everybody has a Grit scooter to meet their needs and the Angel / Extremist models really demonstrate this. Both models are perfectly suited to beginner/ entry-level riders who are looking for a fixed size scooter with great components. The wheels are 88A durometer and have an alloy core so are better suited to learning those first tricks at the park on. Grit have looked at the ever-growing number of amazing female scooter riders and wanted to provide a beginner scooter aimed at encouraging more girls to get into stunt scootering. The Angel shares the same build components and sizes but comes in its own two colourways.

Fluxx / Glamm

Black Grit Fluxx Stunt Scooter Marble Black Grit Glam Stunt Scooter

From entry-level stunt scooters, we move on to Grit’s intermediate scooters which also have multiple size options and designs aimed to attract more girls into scootering. The Fluxx and Glam scooters are designed for riders looking to really progress their tricks with a deck featuring a 3 degree concave for added stick when landing tricks and integrated grind rails. The scooter also comes with Grit riser handlebars, solid steel fork and 110mm 88A metal core wheels providing for overall scooter strength whilst still being lightweight at only 3.8kg These scooters also come in a great range of colourways to give you a custom look without a custom scooter pricetag.

Elite / Elite XL / Elite XM / Wild

Black Green Marble Grit Elite Stunt Scooter Blue Marble Grit Elite XL Stunt Scooter/td>
blue vapor grit stunt scooter Black Purple Grit Stunt Scooter

Grit have every right to be proud of the Elite/ Wild scooter and so they have ensured that it is built with multiple size options so that everyone will have the same opportunity to ride this amazing scooter. All the models are street orientated with a wider 6061 heat-treated alloy deck with iconic skeletonized neck and Grit’s own battle bars ideally suited to all the technical tricks and obstacles street riding can throw at you. The Elite XM and XL are sized smaller and larger respectively in the deck and bars to give a custom fit to a wider range of riders.


black vapor grit stunt scooter Satin Black Grit Stunt Scooter

Finally we come to the Invader which is as close as you can get to a fully custom scooter in just a complete! The invader’s components contain the best that Grit’s aftermarket range offers including the Vendetta deck which is the widest offering at 5” perfect for street riders who like more scooter width for their tricks. The scooter also comes with 120mm, 88A alloy spoked wheels with ABEC 9 Bearings and Grit’s battle bars which all combined ensures that the invader is going to turn heads whilst helping riders progress.

Grit have seriously put thought and effort into this range to ensure that all riders have something that feels like it was custom made for them and to install them with the confidence to take their riding to the next level. Check out the full selection of Grit Scooters at SkateHut and grab yours today!

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