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Get Your Fingerboard Skatepark Set Up at Home

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Get Your Fingerboard Skatepark Set Up at Home

Seize The Tech Deck Range from SkateHut!

If you can't go outside and you need an alternative to fill your days with fun, why not grab some Tech Deck gear? You can practice your fingerboarding skills, build your own mini skatepark or plan out your next big skateboard trick. These simple but effective products can keep you occupied for hours and are suitable for all ages! Get fingerboards with officially licensed deck designs order now and add to your collection.

Tech Deck Fingerboard Park Ramps - Rail/Kicker/Barrier

This Tech Deck Build-A-Park range comes with three different components. This box of treats would get your mini home skatepark up and running. Practice your kickflip and grind combos today with the barrier and rail.

Tech Deck 4 Pack Fingerboard Set - Random

In need of a new board? Or are you looking to add to your collection? We have a variety of different quantities for our fingerboard packs available. From one, four and twelve random fingerboards, choose how many you want. All of the deck designs feature brands like Blind, Element and Fl!P.

Tech Deck Fingerboard Starter Kit Ramp Set and Board - Set 2

This monster of a starter kit will answer all of your tech deck dreams and it includes all of this: 1 Tech Deck Board, 1 Quarter Pipe, 1 Launch Ramp, 2 Kicker Ramps, 6 Connectors, Trainer Clips. More than enough to get going and recreate your favourite tricks with.

Tech Deck Fingerboard Park Ramps Launch to Quarter Pipe

Connect a ramp to a quarter pipe with this little set-up and start smashing out some air tricks! This second featured Build-A-Park pack will add a bit of vibrancy to your skatepark. Mix and match with some bright yellow parts, or stick to your realistic ramps. It’s your choice!

Tech Deck Fingerboard Park Ramps Flat Ramp Grind Rail

Similar to the previous pack, this one allows you to connect two of the most integral skatepark features - a flat ramp and a grind rail. Coloured in a classic wooden-inspired brown for realism, this piece will allow you to end all kinds of combinations with a clean grind.

Tech Deck Street Hits - Obstacle

Tech Deck Street Hits

Next up we have two of the brand’s ‘Tech Deck Street Hits packs. Made for beginners who just want a taste of fingerboarding to see whether or not they have discovered a new passion. This particular box features a bike rack and fingerboard inside.

Tech Deck Street Hits - Ramp + Rail

tech deck street hits ramp rail

Our second Tech Deck Street Hits pack is an absolute classic when it comes to skating. This pack contains a ramp and rail, which is one of the original skatepark collaborations. As well as a single fingerboard which is fully customised, and with all of Tech Deck’s fingerboards you can alter the wheels, trucks and deck design to suit your style exactly.

Tech Deck Fingerboard Park Ramps - Quarter Pipe/Ledge/Bin

Tech Deck Fingerboard Park Ramps - Quarter Pipe/Ledge/Bin

Fine-tune your skills with this pack which is also compatible with the Tech Deck BMX range. Arrange the three items wherever you want and bring your own fingerboard skatepark together. High-quality items for very low-cost.

View the full Tech Deck range here.

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