Featured Skater of the Month- Carrnage

Skate Name & Number: CARRNAGE #10
Years Skating: I have always had skates but started skating seriously about 4 years ago now.
Years Involved in Roller Derby : 1 1/2
When Did you get involved in Roller Derby? I work at Skate Hut and we had more and more derby skaters coming into store. I made a passing comment to the manager that "it would be pretty cool to give it a go-the next time i went through the shop I was handed a piece of paper and told "I have told them you will be there on sunday" I went along to my first practice and haven't looked back since.
Can you remember the first game you watched? Very clearly. It was just before I had passed my minimum skills. CTB went up to play Linconshire Rolling Thunder and it was the worst feeling in the world knowing I couldn't join my team on track when I was so close to making passing and making the squad.
What League/s are you currently part of? Crash Test Brummies
How did you come to choose your derby name? My derby name is an awkward story (lol) I was going to be called Genghis Carrn because my team said I have the strength of 10 men, then it was changed to Genghis Carrnage then eventually I settled on Carrnage- it suits my style of skating on track and ties in with my real name.
How would you describe your skating style ? I would say I am a mash up of all the sports I have done over the years. I even push like a skateboarder on my quads which some people find weird!
What is your position of choice? JAMMER! I am a terrible blocker..
Tell us about your kit- what is your current set up?
Skates: Bont hybrid boots, CRAZY Venus plates , with Heartless 88/92 pusher set up for my wheels and the CRAZY big bloc toe stops
Protection: 187 slim elbow pads, TSG Force D30 knee pads, Triple8 roller derby wristsavers and my yellow Bauer 5100 helmet
What is on your 'most wanted' kit list at the moment? I really want the a CRAZY skates DBX4 DNA boot. or the new Carbon Models that are coming out soon. And I like the look of the Morph wheels so will give them a try soon.
How do you prepare for a bout? I have a couple of songs and a motivational speech that I listen to while I put on my face paints- I always have to have my facepaints on to play!
What kind of off skates training do you do? I ride my bike a lot but other than that at the moment most of my exercise is chasing my 9 month old around.
Has Roller Derby changed your life? If so, how? Definitely, I have made some amazing friends who I know are always there if I need help. It has also given me alot of confidence and pride in myself that I never really had before.
What is your proudest roller derby moment? My 180 apex jump against SDRD at MEC in the last 8 seconds of the last jam. it may not have been the game winner but it felt like it was for me.
Who are your derby heroes? I have a bit of a derby crush on Seahorses Forever
Do you have any upcoming bouts that you’re really excited for and why? I am really looking forward to B.E.A.R.D.I this year and seeing how we do in the first ever British championships.
Other than playing are there any other ways that you involve yourself in Roller Derby? I try to go and watch bouts but I find it so hard to not be skating so I sometimes go and help coach other local leagues.
What are your thoughts on Roller Derby as a sport “past, present, future”? I miss the days off wwe style derby and wish I had been around to see it. I love derby as it is and it can only get more exciting as the sport progresses.
Is Roller Derby the only form of skating you do? If no what else do you do on skates? I used to be an inline vert skater but haven't done that since playing derby (only one sport that hurts at a time please) I also spend time at the skate park on my quads and have been learning a few new things recently.
Any goals for the future? I would love to make it on to team England and can't wait to play abroad.
Anything else you would like to share? Just a big thank you to everyone that has got me to where I am with derby in such a short space of time. also go and watch my videos on youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/ brummie/videos