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What Is The Best Deck Size For You?

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What Is The Best Deck Size For You?

Buying your first skateboard can be a daunting task – that’s why we’ve put together this skateboard deck size guide to help you decipher what board is best for you!

Different styles of skating match different board sizes and shapes, therefore it’s important to get a board that fits your style, and most importantly your preference.  Each brand offers different shape and size decks and whilst two boards may be the same size, it doesn’t always necessarily mean that they will look or feel the same!


Mini Pro – Mini Pro boards are typically 7.5” wide or smaller and are under 30” long.  Specifically built for the younger skater, these boards offer a smaller version of a skateboard – great for someone who may struggle to pop, flip or ride a full sized board! These boards are usually sold as complete set ups, and are aimed towards budding skaters below the age of 9 years old. Height, skill and preference are important in deciding what’s best for you, therefore at this level it’s best to test out a few different sizes before you settle on one!

7.5” - 7.9” – This is the smaller end of full sized boards. Whilst older skaters still ride these size boards, they are most ideal for younger skaters who may have smaller feet. Boards in this width range are more suited to street skateboarding, as they are easier to flip and pop!

8.0” – 8.4” - Boards in this range are versatile as they offer a perfect middle ground, ideal for both street skating and transition (ramp) skating. It’s still worth bearing in mind when buying that the wider the board is, the better it will be for transition skating and the smaller the board is, the better it will be for street skating. Of course, a wider board ultimately offers more space to land on, however will be harder to flip than a smaller board. Again, it’s worth trying out a few different sizes to see what feels the most comfortable for you!

8.5” + - Boards of this width are often preferred for styles of skating that involve less popping and flipping of the board. Offering more space for foot placement, boards this size is suited to vert and bowl riding. If you’re looking for something to cruise around on and just general transport usage, these boards offer the most comfortable ride.


Concave refers to the depth of the curve in the board.  Different brands offer different curvatures, each with their own pros and cons.

Concaves range from flat to deep. A flat concave feels more comfortable under the foot and is easier for shuv tricks, but makes flip tricks slightly harder. A deep concave works in the opposite way – it may feel uncomfortable under the foot after long periods of riding, however will make flip tricks easier. Boards with deeper concaves are generally stronger, and less likely to snap.

Whilst this guide offers some good general guidelines, whatever you ride should always come down to your own personal preference. It’s always worth trying out a few different sizes and shapes and changing around as you grow and your skills develop, you may be surprised what feels best for you! 

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