Claudius Vertesi Signature Scooters – GET THAT NEON GLOW!

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Claudius Vertesi Signature Scooters – GET THAT NEON GLOW!

Available For Pre-Order Now

Claudius Vertesi Signature Scooters are now available for pre-order from SkateHut! If you are already a CV fan you would have seen the exciting announcement in Claudius’ vlog channel. Now SkateHut is thrilled to announce that we have CV signature completes and parts available to order. These stunt scooters have been created and manufactured with Sacrifice Scooters. While the build displays all the features of a great stunt scooter the design definitely displays Claudius’ larger than life character. Check out more details on the completes and the parts now available for pre-order.

The Lightest and The Brightest

The Signature Scooter completes come in 3 different colours: Neon Yellow, Caribbean Blue and Neochrome. While the Neochrome gives out Nitro showman vibes, the yellow and blue scooters are so bright that you may have to wear shades just to look at them!

The bars are made from aluminium 6061-T6 alloy. They’re very light, smooth and are fitted with S-grips.
The clamp has two titanium bolts and is detailed with the CV logo.
The deck is wrapped in the CV logo and signature. It also has a slight triple concave on the flipside.
The wheels are 120mm, with great grip. They too are extremely light .

As well as featuring the larger than life design, the CV completes are insanely light! At only 3.3kg they're great for mastering tricks. They also feature ABEC 7 bearings in the wheels to help with a smooth, stable roll.

With 120mm 88a wheels this will easily handle most skateparks. Running a IHC compression with 600mm x 550mm aluminum bars, CV and sacrifice have created a masterpiece in this scooter, Don’t miss out, get your pre-orders in now!”

CV Signature Scooter Yellow CV Signature Scooter Caribbean CV Signature Scooter Neochrome

All CV completes are great for beginners. Each come with the same specs but are available in 3 colours:


Caribbean Blue PRE-ORDER NOW


Get a closer look at these completes here:

Parts for a Pro-rider

The signature deck, much the same as Claudius’ tour van, is black with neon striped edges. On the reverse of the deck, cut-outs have been added making the weight even lighter!

The bars are super strong and can be fitted with a HIC or an IHC compression system. They can be purchased in neon blue, neon yellow or grey.

The signature wheels are so appealing, the colours actually look delicious. We can confirm however they are definitely not edible though they are very glossy, very bright, very grippy and very light due to the hollow core.

All CV forks and clamps have titanium bolts which makes them both durable and light. The CV forks comes with titanium 8mm axles, while the clamp is fit with 6mm bolts and is the perfect choice for oversized bars.

Don’t miss out! Get your Claudius Vertesi Signature Scooter orders in fast.

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