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Brand TV & Film Collaborations

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Brand TV & Film Collaborations

This summer we’ve seen a lot of collaborative releases between our favourite skate brands and various TV shows and classic films! Here’s a rundown of what we’ve had so far and a sneak peak at what’s to come.

Santa Cruz x Mars Attacks!

Santa Cruz and the 1996 film Mars Attacks! teamed up in June to give us this limited edition run of boards. The boards were released in lucky dip bags, meaning you never knew which one you were going to get! There was a release of 9 different decks, as well as a release of several one-of-a-kind custom boards done by selected artists. Some of the rarer decks even had ink which had been mixed with pulverized fragments of a meteorite! Clothing which was released alongside the boards can still be found HERE.

Primitive x Rick and Morty

Last week Primitive blessed us with one of our most popular collab releases yet – Rick and Morty! The series featured several boards with depictions of everyone’s favourite cartoon duo on, including the Rick & Morty Collage Deck. Alongside the boards there was also a set of wheels, griptape and funky T-Shirts! You can catch the last of what’s left in stock HERE!

Hype x Disney

Arriving with us soon just in time for Back to School season is Hype x Disney! This is a limited run of backpacks and pencil cases based on Disney classics such as Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo and Tinkerbell. Keep an eye out as they’ll be live on our website soon!

Habitat x Bob’s Burgers

Another TV collab that will be arriving with us soon is Habitat Skateboards x Bobs Burgers. This collab features the work of Bob’s Burgers illustrators on skateboard decks and T-shirts. As well as throwing down some classic Bob’s Burgers imagery, they’ve depicted each Habitat team rider in the unmistakable Bobs Burgers style! 

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