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Brand Profile- Jimmy'z

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Brand Profile- Jimmy'z

An introduction to Jimmy'z- One of the latest brands to hit Skate Hut


JIMMY'Z, originally founded in 1984 by a surfer and artist from Malibu Beach named Jimmy Ganzer, came about because of one simple idea - a pair of shorts that will always fit and always stay in place, no matter the person or activity. The idea caught on almost overnight, and JIMMY'Z shirts and shorts became a staple part of every surfer and skater's wardrobe through the 1980s, appearing in most magazines, competitions and videos of the era. As such, many older surfers and skaters recognise the name and classic Woody logo, and remember the clothing fondly - with some people still owning (and wearing) their original shorts to this day.

However, with skateboarding experiencing a downturn at the start of the 90s, the brand "went on hiatus" as Jimmy Ganzer moved on to focus on his artwork. The name wouldn't reappear until 2011, when Ganzer passed on the torch to a younger Californian surfer and skater, Blake Harrington, and together they recreated and reinvented the original E-Z-IN E-Z-OUT shorts for a new era.

About E-Z-IN, E-Z-OUT

The E-Z-IN, E-Z-OUT design – based initially around the simple idea of using side-mounted Velcro straps instead of a simple button fly to hold up a pair of shorts – is the first thing that people remember about JIMMY'Z. While it seems like an odd idea at first, once you try a pair of E-Z-IN shorts on, you realise why it works so well and why people love it so much - the built-in webbing belt and velcro closure means a perfect fit every time, with no need for buckles, buttons, or anything else that will stab you in the stomach while you skate, surf or work.

On top of that, E-Z-IN allows for up to three inches of leeway from the stated size and comes with a substantial amount of pocket size as a bonus; couple this with the hard-wearing material used for each pair and you have a versatile and durable garment for almost all occasions.

So how did the design come about? Well, in Jimmy Ganzer’s own words:

    I was playing baseball. I slid into third base headfirst, got up, dusted myself off. And I went, “F***, why didn’t some surfer ever come up with an idea where the pants don’t fall off like this?” Inside of the waistband on these baseball pants was a woven nylon belting. That belting did not move. And I went “Wow, what if I used that belting and Velcro on the side over here?” And I stood there on third base for about that long. And I went, “That’s a good idea.” 

And that's how E-Z-IN - and JIMMY’Z - was born.


Four years on since the relaunch of the brand, JIMMY'Z now has a range of shorts to suit all tastes and styles, with all the other standard - and some not-so-standard - apparel options available, ensuring that whatever you need or whatever your tastes, JIMMY'Z has you covered.

JIMMY'Z also proudly sponsors and supports a wide range of skateboarders of all ages and disciplines, from bowl skating legends such as Steve Caballero and Eddie Elguera, through modern vert rippers such as Pontus Bjorn and Giorgio Zattoni, to upcoming street riders such as Joe Hinson and Johannes Haist. 

For more info, or to check out the latest news and videos from the team, head to

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