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Brand Of The Month - SFR

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Brand Of The Month  - SFR

This month it's all about SFR!!

For over 25 years SFR Skates have been in the business of designing and making high-quality skates. SFR has you covered with skates for all ages and abilities at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality or reliability. These values have kept the brand at the forefront of the skates industry, ensuring that no matter what type of skating you prefer inline, quad, ice, SFR has the perfect skate for you.

Quad Skates

SFR want to ensure that as many people benefit from the health and wellness gains of skating as possible. To ensure this their range starts for absolute beginners with skates like the Spectra, the Nebula and Hurricane II Adjustable Skate ranges. All these options ensure younger skaters can enjoy skating without the worry of growing out of their wheels too quick as with the simple push of a button on the side of the heel the forefoot will slide forward to allow growing room and keeping your children skating longer in the same pair!

SFR also believe in skates looking as individual as their users with many different models having a wide range of colourways such as the SFR Vision Skates, and the amazing patterned designs of the SFR Vision Canvas range. For skaters who want more from their skates then they have the SFR Figure which has the shape and feel of classic figure skates or the Raptor and Street 86 skates which come in larger sizes for adults and have a thicker exterior for the type of skating done in street hockey.

SFR Quad Skates

Inline Skates

SFR again have younger beginners covered with their range of adjustable inline skates including the Pulsar, the Spirit and the Plasma which just like their quad counterpart are extremely easy to adjust with growing children’s feet. For older inliners The SFR Air X-Pro 80 is a fixed-size inline skate with a minimal yet modern design which really makes for a stylish and subtle inline skate.

SFR Inline Skates

Ice Skates

Learning to ice skate is fun for the whole family but my honest advice is to ensure your skates fit you perfectly. With SFR’s range you can buy an affordable pair and benefit from the quality and fit that SFR are known for. For beginners, the Nova ice skate is adjustable with lock-in straps to give a nice secure fit around the foot and ankle. For Skaters who prefer a fixed size skate then the Galaxy available in black and white is one of the most popular skates.

SFR Ice Skates


SFR has produced a wide range of protection options in multiple colourways and sizes to ensure that you can progress in your skating with confidence without fear of falling. The protection will take the brunt and not your body!

SFR Protection and Accessories


SFR don’t just believe in making excellent skates for you to wear, they want to ensure you have high-quality products to look after them too! Check out their ice skate guards and skates bags.

Shop the full SFR collection here.

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