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Brand of the Month - MGP Top Picks!

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Brand of the Month - MGP Top Picks!

It’s no wonder that MGP are November’s SkateHut Brand of the Month! They’ve been heavyweights of the scooter industry for years now, and continue to put out top quality scooters, as well as gnarly video parts.

With the recent release of Juzzy Carter’s new MGP part All The Way, MGP have shown not only are they taking scooting to a whole new level of extreme, but also that their scooters are completely up to the challenge.

Is MGP a good scooter brand?

This is a simple question for us! MGP scooters have always been one of our bestselling scooter brands. Their VX ranges never disappoint and continue to lead the way in the scooter industry, with each new series keeping on top of the ever changing scooter scene and withstanding the increasing pressure that riders are putting their scooters through.

Have a look at some of our top picks from the MGP range or just shop all MGP here!


MGP Vx7 Pro

MGP’s VX7 Pro is the ideal first stunt scooter. Built with younger riders in minds, the VX7 Pro is a slightly scaled down version of a full-sized scooter, but still features the same specs and materials as a full-sized one! Offering extremely good value for money, this scooter has set the bar high for all new entry level scooters.

Shop MGP VX7 Pro - Red/Black here! 

MGP VX7 Team

MGP Vx7 Team

The MGP VX7 Team is the Pro’s older brother! Originally designed for MGP’s team riders, the Team edition is a top quality scooter that comes with a friendly price tag. It’s one that we highly recommend, and it’s available in a sweet range of colours and limited edition designs, so there’s one for everyone!

Shop MGP VX7 Team - Gold/Chrome here! 

MGP VX7 Extreme

MGP VX7 Extreme

The VX7 Extreme is the top dog of the VX7 range! This is the biggest model out of all the VX7’s, however MGP have incorporated cut-outs into the deck to combat the added weight. Built with MGP’s top specs and finished with some crazy hydro-wrapped designs, the VX7 Extreme looks and performs like the high-end scooter that it is!

Shop all MGP VX7's including Extreme's here!

MGP VX8 Extreme X Titanium

MGP VX8 Extreme X Titanium

‘The supercar of the scooter industry’. MGP spared no expense here and went all out creating the best scooter that they possibly could. Built with titanium bars and hardware, this scooter is super strong, but also super lightweight. Finished with a matte black anodized finish, this scooter is a real head turner!

Shop the VX8 Extreme X Titanium here.

Or shop all MGP VX8 here!

On the hunt for a great stunt scooter? Check our our full range of Stunt Scooters and browse all the the best brands including MGP.

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