Brand Of The Month - May

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Brand Of The Month - May

As SFR are our Brand of the Month for May, we thought we’d give you some more info on some of the skates we have available, ready to get you rolling in to the Summer.

Starting with some quad skates…

SFR Storm III and Hurricane II Adjustable Roller Skates:

One of the best things about both these skates it that hard boot is size adjustable, meaning it’s perfect for any new little skater that is growing. They won’t grow out of these in a hurry! To adjust the size, all you have to do is press the button on the slide and either increase or decrease the size. They are fitted with a colourful comfort liner and also feature easy to use locking buckles to keep the user’s feet locked in place at all times. The Hurricane II (pictured) cost £44.95 and come in Grey/Red or Pink/Blue. The Storm III are the newer model and cost £49.95 and come in Black/Blue and White/Pink!


SFR Vision II Quad Roller Skate

The Vision II canvas skate is the perfect skate for beginners. The Hi Top Upper gives great ankle support and they are available in an awesome range of designs. Ideal for any budding young skater!  They’ve also been manufactured without the use of any animal products. The Vision II Canvas skates start at £34.99.


We also have the Vision II semi-soft vinyl range available on their own, or as part of our bundles so you can get yourself fully kitted out! Our bundles include the SFR vision II skates, an SFR Essentials helmet, SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set and an SFR Ice Skate & Skate bag. They range from £74.99 to £84.95.


SFR Pulsar Adjustable Kids’ Inline Skates

For those wanting to travel at light speed, these are the skates for you! They have a super light aluminium chassis and ABEC 7 bearings. They also have the adjustable hard boot function, so are again, perfect for kids with growing feet! The Pulsar inline skates come in Blue, Pink or Silver and start at £43.95.


SFR RX-XT Inline Skates


These inline skates are ultra-light weight with over size wheels which means you can travel quickly and smoothly! They are also fully ventilated allowing air to pass all over the foot. Their aluminium chassis means less flex and more stability. These inline skates start at £39.98.

As part of our Brand of the Month feature, you can get FREE delivery on all SFR Skates throughout May. We also have bags, protection and ice skates available from SFR. To shop the full range we stock, click here.

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