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Brand Of The Month - Enuff Skateboards

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Brand Of The Month - Enuff Skateboards

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Brand Of The Month for September is Enuff Skateboards! Enuff started in 2006 with one goal in mind: to support the grassroots skateboard scene by making the best quality skateboard completes and parts, at a wallet-friendly prices. This is the goal that Enuff has been smashing ever since.

New Drops

Enuff Icon Complete 7.75” / Enuff Flash Complete 8”

Enuff Icon Complete 7.75 inch Enuff Flash Complete 8 inch

Their latest offering of skateboard completes, the Icon and the Flash, really shows that you can have a good quality skateboard, that is budget friendly and looks great. The designs for both these completes come in two colourways to appeal to skaters of all abilities. The boards are complete with all Enuff hardware from Enuff wheels and bearings to the use of Enuff decade trucks. This really sets the Enuff completes apart from other generic completes with stock, non-branded parts.

Enuff Decade Pro Hollow Skateboard Trucks

Enuff Decade Pro Hollow Skateboard Trucks

Enuff decade trucks are named after the ten years of knowledge and development that has gone into making them. With low set kingpins, maximum grind space on the hanger, and ultra-smooth turning on 92a bushings these trucks combine strength and precision that will help you push your development to the next level.

Enuff Classic Logo Mini Complete 7.25"

Enuff Classic Logo Mini Complete

Enuff are fully committed to supporting the grassroots skateboard community. One way they keep this commitment is by creating skateboards for adults and also mini boards which have shorter sized decks for younger, smaller skaters but still have the same features and components as their bigger counterparts.

See more of our quality Enuff Skateboards range here.

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