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Boosted Electric Skateboards Now Available at SkateHut!

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Boosted Electric Skateboards Now Available at SkateHut!

Boosted Boards: From The Small and Mighty to the Lightening Fast

This year Boosted have expanded their product line up to include more powerful, high-performance electric skateboards. SkateHut are now pleased to announce Boosted Boards are now available to buy here! As an official UK seller of Boosted Boards, we have in stock two of the most eagerly awaited next generation boards to hit the sizzling world of electric skateboards.

What is a Boosted Board?

Boosted Boards is an electric skateboard brand dedicated to the creation of lightweight, durable commutable boards with a bit of a kick! With long distance riders in mind, Boosted continue to innovate and create boards with new technologies in the aim to deliver the best electric skateboards around.

How much is a Boosted Board?

Boosted Boards in the UK range from £949 to £1,499. Currently the Boosted Mini S and Boosted Mini X are the cheapest Boosted Boards available and are 8 inches shorter in length than other Boosted longboards.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

boosted mini x electric skateboard

The Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard is currently the cheapest board available from Boosted. Here are the specs:

  • - Top speed 20 miles per hour
  • - Top range 14 miles
  • - Ride modes - 3
  • - Length 29.5 inches
  • - Width 11 inches
  • - Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote

The intention in the creation of this board was to make it easy for riders to carry when compared with the electric longboards. The design of the concave, the camber and the kicktail was built to ensure rides can take sharp corners easier and to smooth out the feel of bumps and cracks in road.

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

boosted stealth electric skateboard

The Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard is a high-performance board at the premium end of any scale. Here are the spec:

  • - Top speed 24 miles per hour
  • - Top range 14 miles
  • - Ride modes - 5
  • - Length 38 inches
  • - Width 11.3 inches
  • - Refined Remote
  • - Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote

Built for longer distance riders with more mileage, the Boosted Stealth incorporates snowboard manufacturing techniques to deliver a refined, smooth ride. With a strong focus on longer rides, the makers included CNC precision machined trucks and custom 85mm Stratus wheels.

Shop for your Boosted Board today here at SkateHut!

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