BMX Bikes - Top Picks for 2021

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BMX Bikes - Top Picks for 2021

Beginner Bikes, Best Sellers, Best for Shredding!

April has eventually arrived! We’ve had some incredibly hot days so far and with Summer around the corner, there’s no better time to buy a good quality bike to enjoy the warmth and outdoors. We have put together a list of our top 8 BMX picks by category, in no particular order, for Spring and Summer 2021. Whether you are after our best-seller, the best all-rounder or even the best bike for beginners, we’ve got you covered.

Top BMX Bikes for 2021

Best for Beginners

Collective BMX Bike C1 20" Complete BMX Bike - Black

Collective BMX

The C1 is the best BMX bike for beginners within this price range in the UK. It has also set the standard and benchmark for all other beginner BMX bikes. The C1 looks slick and is lightweight, available in multiple colours and made from top-quality components. This bike has been thoroughly tested by Ryan Taylor himself; Collective has been performing all sorts of stunts and tricks on their bikes before launching to ensure that your experience is nothing short of amazing.

Best Seller

Mafiabike Kush 2+ Complete BMX Bike - Black/Gold

Mafiabike BMX

The Mafiabike Kush 2+ performs as good as it looks. With bulky Lagos Crawler tyres and a CNC machined internal headset, coupled with double-wall rims at the front and rear, it’s no wonder that the Kush 2+ is the best seller here at SkateHut! The attention to detail and geometry on this bike is what makes it so unique and this will become evident as soon as you take it for a ride.

Best 16 inch BMX

Stolen Agent 16" 2021 Complete BMX Bike - Black/Green

Stolen BMX

If you are looking for a reliable 16” BMX for your outdoor cycling adventures, then the Stolen Agent 16” is right up your alley. It is ideal for young riders who can’t fit comfortably onto a 20” bike and this BMX also offers increased strength and geometry where it matters most.

Best 18 inch BMX

Mongoose 18 U Legion L18 2020 Complete BMX Bike - Silver

Mongoose BMX

Legion has over 40 years of experience in designing exceptional BMX bikes and has always worked to continuously improve their products and push forward. As a brand, it has worked with pro athletes to develop extraordinary BMX bikes, all of which have everything you need. The L18 has everything young riders would want from a 20” BMX, with an ever-so-slightly smaller frame.

Best Signature Model

Kink Williams 2021 Complete BMX Bike - Gloss Mirror Red

Kink Williams

The Kink Williams is another BMX bike that has everything you’d want from a top of the range BMX and is our only signature bike with Kink Pro rider Nathan Williams! It is the closest model to Nathan’s very own personal BMX as you can get at an affordable price. The Kirk Williams has been manufactured with state of the art technology and raw materials which are second to none, making it one of the best BMXs on the market.

Best Allrounder

Fit 2021 Series One 20.75" Complete BMX Bike

Kink BMX

Now, the Fit Series One is an absolute classic. It was Fit’s very first original frame in the year 2000; a bike that was renowned for being simple and clean. It also shook the market up in the sense that it made it easier for riders to determine what is needed for a good quality BMX and what isn’t. Fast forward to 2021, the Series One maintains its reputation as a simple but high-performance bike with everything a BMX rider needs. This bike is great for all types of riding styles as it has a responsive but stable geometry and traditional off-set forks, as well as 2-piece 9” x 29” bars.

Best BMX Under £1,000

WeThePeople The Avenger 27.5" Complete BMX Bike - Charcoal Grey

WeThePeople BMX

The Avenger gives you the perfect balance of old and new, with the 27.5” larger wheels with 2.30” tyres so that you can be sure that this bike has your back when travelling off-road through rough paths. It has been custom designed with some of the best aftermarket parts and components to make this BMX an unstoppable one. Whether you are just looking to get from A to B, or are planning on cutting through rocky terrain, The Avenger is the solution for you.

Best Spec

WeThePeople Envy 20.5" Complete BMX Bike - Black Chrome

WeThePeople BMX

If you really want to see a BMX with a modern, futuristic style and an advanced design, then look no further than the Envy 20.5”. It is a bike which wholeheartedly proves that BMXs do not have to come with a weight disadvantage to compensate for strength. This monstrous machine has been manufactured using the incredibly light Envy XLT frame, together with E440 rims, the ECLAT Storm fork and market-leading seismic hubs. It’s not hard to see why the Envy is the highest spec’d BMX thus far!

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