Best Roller Skates for Beginners - A SkateHut Guide

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Best Roller Skates for Beginners - A SkateHut Guide

The Best Beginner Roller Skates For Adults and Kids

Roller skating is a fun activity and a great workout for the whole family! It can get you out and about having fun in your local park, or busting out the moves at your local roller disco. Buying your own set of skates is an amazing feeling; especially if all you're accustomed to is the rental skates at the roller disco that have been worn hundreds of times! Investing in your own pair after this has got to feel pretty sweet.

It can be daunting buying your first pair of roller skates so we’ve created a handy guide to highlight some of the best beginner skates for you. There are different types of roller skates available to you so it’s important to know what features to look out for.

Your Guide

SFR Hurricane III Quad Roller Skates - Pink/Blue - Black/Yellow

SFR Hurricane III Quad Roller Skates - Pink/Blue
SFR Hurricane III Quad Roller Skates - Black/Yellow

Choosing kids roller skates can be challenging as a good skate should feel fitted for comfort and children grow quickly. In these instances adjustable skates are the best way to go. Adjustable skates are skates that can be adjusted to fit the skaters feet, as they grow. A lot of adjustable skates like the SFR Hurrican III have a hard outer shell around the foot and ankle which will provide durability when learning to skate whilst your foot is kept comfortable inside a soft liner.

Also most models are extremely easy to adjust quickly, on the Hurricane III’s simply push the blue button next to the ankle when the straps are open and the toe box can be moved forward to increase room. Let go of the button and slide the toe box forward and it will audibly click when it’s reached the next fitting size.

SFR Vision II Quad Roller Skates - Tropical - Purple - Blue

SFR Vision II Quad Roller Skates - Tropical SFR Vision II Quad Roller Skates - Purple SFR Vision II Quad Roller Skates - Blue

If you’re opting for a nonadjustable set of skates, the best range for comfort and budget will be the SFR Vision II. These skates are a good choice as the boot is made from a semi soft vinyl. This means they won't stretch out very easily and they’re amazingly vegan friendly!

The Vision II has a high cut and a loop strap providing great ankle support and stability, to help you skate smoother. They also have 53mm tall wheels which are rated 88a durometer. This means that the the wheels sit nicely between being hard enough to use indoors, without being sluggish and soft enough to be used outdoors.

LMNADE/United Skates Vibe Quad Roller Skates - Stars (Purple) - Camo (Blue)

“LMNADE “United

A classic recreational skate design, LMNADE and United Skates Vibe’s are perfect for beginners. Vegan friendly, these skates offer plenty of support with their hightop design, heel counter and semi-soft boot. The faux velvet lining also means that they are super comfortable!

Lightweight nylon chassis and trucks allow these trucks to glide with ease and their 54mm performance wheels also offer great durability, meaning you won’t have to change the wheels anytime soon.

Rio Roller Lumina Quad Roller Skates - Red/Blue - Navy/Green - Black/Grey

Rio Roller Lumina Quad Roller Skates - Red/Blue Rio Roller Lumina Quad Roller Skates - Navy/Green Rio Roller Lumina Quad Roller Skates - Black/Grey

To close out our guide we’ve included a more premium set of skates that combine comfort, support & performance. The Rio Roller Lumina is a vegan friendly, semi-soft skate constructed from PVC leather and canvas, available in a range of brightly coloured designs. 

Built with hi-impact chassis and polyurethane bushings for better turns and snappy transitions to backwards skating, as well as 82A wheels with Rio Roller’s elusive design to prevent axles protruding and damaging flooring, the Lumina is one of the best beginner skates currently on the market.

Beginner skating tips

If you're just starting out, click play to learn some beginner skating tips from our YouTube channel.

Roller skating is a great way to get your exercise in whilst having a tonne of fun. For more information on these skates and to view our entire range visit our Kids Roller Skates or Adult Roller Skates Collections.

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