Best of British

Best of British

As is St George's Day tradition, we're celebrating the best of British! So sit back, grab a cuppa and dive in to our selection of top quality British talent.

Geoff Rowley

If you know skating, Geoff Rowley needs no introduction. Working with some of the biggest names in the industry for the majority of his career highlights the quality he possesses. The most noticeable has to be with Vans, having designed a signature shoe with them for over 15 years, his place in the skating royalty is secure.  After taking the front cover for 2000's Thrasher skater of the year award, and featuring on all of Tony Hawks pro skater series video games, you'd think Geoff would be happy to hang the board up, you'd be wrong. He's not slowing down, not at all. 

Charles Fryer Stevens

You may not associate wheelchair basketball with skating, but the sports have more in common than you think. Stevens has taken the Paralympic sport to new heights with a fully customised chair featuring Moto Premium Swiss Bearings, MOB griptape and USD wheels. Charles is a power house, and we hope to see him take part in Rio Paralympics this year.

Lexi Lightspeed
Representing both your club and country within 5 years of starting your chosen sport is an incredible achievement, and to be at the age of 26 while doing both only makes things that much more impressive. Having no real skating experience prior to her starting, Lexi was talked into trying our Roller Derby by a neighbour, and she's never looked back. Why would she? She's already achieved so much in her discipline, and in the grand scheme of it all, she's only just getting started. 

Terry Price

After picking the scooter up aged 11, Terry very quickly perfected his skill set, turning pro just three and a half years later. You read that right, from beginner to pro in under four years. An incredible achievement in itself, but to then go on and win the first place prize at the Montreux EU Scooter competition in 2005 just takes this guy to the next level. 2003 saw him become the first person to flair on a scooter, and in 2007 he became the first person to land a double backflip. He's regarded as one of the Big Three in Scootering. (Ryan Williams and Dakota Schuetz taking the other spots) and is still today holding it down as the UK's best Scooter Talent. 

Lucy Adams

Lucy has been doing everything in her power to break down the barriers of sexual stereotype in sports for years. Lucy is not only one of the best UK female skaters, but she’s one of the best skaters that the UK has to offer full stop. First picking up her skateboard at the age of 13, Lucy has continued to raise the bar on not only her own ability, but the awareness of female riders. Being a women of many talents, Lucy not only shreds with some of the best, she also gives back, by running coaching schools for budding skateboarders in the U.K, Alongside working full time in Brighton as a Sports Development Officer. A woman of many, many talents!  

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