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Best Kids Outdoor Games for 2020

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Best Kids Outdoor Games for 2020

The Summer Holidays are well underway and there’s no better time to get outside in the garden or the local park and enjoy fun and games. So we have put together some of our top outdoor kids games to keep everyone entertained.

1. Pindaloo

The Pindaloo game is so simple to learn and yet there is so much you can master. Start off with the very basics and see how many circuits you can achieve. Then challenge your friends and family for the top score and bragging rights! From there you can start to bring in tricks such as flipping the pindaloo tube whilst the ball is still in the air! The combinations are endless and provides hours of fun. Also check out the latest, the Pindaloo Neon which has a transparent tube and light-up ball which could make for some amazing light painting videos.

Pindaloo ball game

2. Aerobie flying discs

Next on our list we have Aerobie flying discs, sprint rings and orbiter boomerangs which will provide fun and games for everyone. Our aerobie Medalist flying discs are perfect for games of ultimate frisbee as they are sized and weighted to reach longer distances. The sprint rings with their soft rubber edges are easier to catch for beginners and yet are areo dynamically shaped to reach record distances. The Orbiter Boomerang is triangular for ease of use. And can cover a circular distance before returning and being caught with ease due to its soft rubber edges.

Aerobie discs

3. Stomp Rocket Jr Glow

Our next suggestion is a perfect combination between fun and science! The Stomp Rocket Jr Glow will allow your family to become rocket scientists and replicate the recent Nasa launches by launching a safe foam rocket 100 Feet into the air without batteries or rocket fuel! With four glow in the dark rockets light up the sky this summer.

Stomp rocket

4. Nerf Vortex Aero Howler

Nerf is always a winner at any social event. The vortex aero howlers with their aerodynamic tail allow them to travel very far when thrown. The also make a howling noise whilst flying through the air. Practice your passes with the easy grip for amazing accuracy. We also have Aerobie Rocket footballs which is great for younger children as the rocket football is super soft but still travels far for the ultimate games of pass!

Nerf vortex aero howler

5. Pogo Sticks

A great way of enjoying the great outdoors is by getting moving. The next two options really increase the fun factor in this respect. For starters here at SkateHut we have a huge selection of Pogo sticks for all ages and with pogoing seeing a massive revival you too can get hop onto this fun craze. These pogo sticks are robust, ready to use out the box and are fitted with high rebound rubber bumpers to get the most out of each bounce! The pogo sticks are loaded with high tension springs so make sure you get the model that best fits with your weight to be able to reach the maximum height possible!


6. Berg Pedal Karts

This next pick is without a doubt the best way to get children off their racing games and instead tearing up around the local park on their own pedal kart from Berg! We have a huge selection of karts from karts, to jeeps, to tractors and with a lot of the models having adjustable seats and steering wheels the kart will grow with your child! The karts benefit from over 25 years of manufacturing design and innovation and feature easy to use pedals and steering and solid EVA tyres for stable handling and also mean no punctures!

Berg karts

7. Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Scream

Here at SkateHut we have a huge selection of outdoor kids toys. Circling back to Nerf, they have a great deal outdoor toys for kids to keep those days off, entertaining! The Nerf Super Soaker brand continues to be the perfect toy for action-packed water-blasting mayhem. Check out more great products from Nerf here.

Nerf Super Soaker

Those are some of our pics for some amazing fun to have with your friends and family during the summer holidays to see the items we have mentioned you can find them and more ideas at our website

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