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Best Ice Skates for Kids & Teens

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Best Ice Skates for Kids & Teens

How to choose the right ice skates for your child or teenager

Ice skating is not only a great hobby, it’s also a great winter sport to partake in. If your child wants to start out on the ice, or if you have a niece, nephew or friend’s child that you want to buy ice skates for, read this simple guide to help you decide which skates to buy. Here at SkateHut we’re passionate about all things skate and scoot related.

Everything you need to know to help you buy the best ice skates for your child is just a scroll away. Once you’re clued up, buying ice skates can easily turn from a complex task into an simple one! Read the tips below to help you choose the perfect ice skates for your child or teenager.


Ice skating is a hobby that can be started at almost any age really. For the most effective progression into technical skating, it’s ideal to start at a young age. This is often done from as young as 5 or 6.

At SkateHut the smallest ice skate size we have available is a Junior UK size 10 - the average foot size for a 4 or 5 year old. If you’re shopping for a young child, our adjustable skates are ideal for size longevity with growing feet. When young children are grasping the basics on ice skates, it’s best to also shop for skates that supply good protection and ankle support. A hard-shell boot won’t go amiss! Products like our SFR Nova Adjustable Ice Skates are great to look into.


We offer three varieties of ice skates at SkateHut:
- Recreational Ice Skates
- Figure Ice Skates
- Ice Hockey Skates

Recreational Ice Skates

The majority of our SFR range are designed for recreational use. They are ideal for a beginner looking for their first pair of skates. We don’t recommend these skates for technical skating. All SFR skates arrive factory sharpened, however we do offer a sharpening service at all SkateHut stores for an additional £5 upon purchase.

Figure Ice Skates

For figure ice skates, check out brands like Graf, Edea, Risport and Jackson. Jackson is the leading model for reliability, comfort and popularity. All these brands do however offer high quality plates, toe picks and blades which will allow for technical spins and skating of any sort.

Ice Hockey Skates

Ice hockey skates are very different than figure skates. They’re usually made from a reinforced plastic or nylon more so than traditional fabrics like leather. Their design is focused more on stronger protection and reduced flexibility, which is required for the sport. Hockey skates also offer a more comfortable fit, and more speed while skating due to the shape and nature of the blade. Bauer is our leading ice hockey skate brand. We've even converted the unique bauer-boot sizing into standard UK sizing on our website, so you don’t have to! We recommend going for the size closest to your normal shoe fit.


10) SFR Nova Adjustable Ice Skates - White/Pink
The SFR Nova skates are adjustable in size and ideal for young beginner skaters. These ice skates are perfect for a child’s first time on the Ice, designed to provide a snug fit and good ankle support. They are

SFR Snowflake Vinyl Figure Ice Skates

9) Bauer NSX Ice Hockey Skates
Improved with an extra layer of comfort from the NS skates, these Hockey Skates can assist an excellent first-look into Ice Hockey.

Bauer NSX Ice Hockey Skates

8) LMNADE Edge Ice Figure Skates
These skates are very popular. Available in black and white, LMNADE Edge skates are ideal for recreational skating - great for beginners.

SFR Galaxy Black Ice Skates

7) Powerslide Playlife Ice Skates
Powerslide Playlife ice skates are perfect for a change of colour on the Ice. This unique pastel shade is also great for standing out!

Powerslide Playlife Ice Skates

6) SFR Serene Ice Figure Skates
Newest brand from the SFR range with improved comfort, the SFR Serene ice skates offer a great transition from recreational to the very beginner levels of technical skating.

SFR Serene Ice Figure Skates

5) Graf 500 Ice Skates
These swiss-made skates are a great introductory skate for any child doing entry level technical skating. Built to supply a snug fit and plenty of ankle support.

Graf 500 Ice Skates

4) Risport Venus Figure Ice Skates
Perfect for figure skating these high quality Risport skates will provide kids and teens with a comfortable feel while carving up the ice!

Risport Venus Figure Ice Skates

3) Edea Motivo Figure Ice Skates
This figure skate allow for advancement into intermediate level skating, with a mid stiffness rating. This boot also allows for a custom-foot fit with thermoformable material.

Edea Motivo Figure Ice Skates

2) Jackson Mystique Figure Skates
The Jackson Mystique Figure Skates are our leading-brand choice of skates. With an added flexibility in design and a leather upper polyurethane coat, it’s suitable for all levels of skating including the NISA Skate Course up to badge 10.

Jackson Mystique Figure Skates

1) Edea Overture Figure Skates
The Edea boot is unapologetically top of the line. An ideal choice for a broader foot as it is a little wider in design. The Ultima MK IV Blades come factory sharpened and ready to skate, but we advise that you have these sharpened by us before taking them to the ice.

Edea Overture Figure Skates

Interested in getting some ice-skates for your child or teenager? Save some money by checking out our ice skate bundles - fit with everything you need for a budding ice skater.

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