Best Heelys of 2020!

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Best Heelys of 2020!

The Original Wheely Shoe!

A shoe recognised the world over, Heelys are undoubtedly one of the most fun ways to get around. As simple as walk, push and glide, they can make even the most mundane of tasks fun.

The original inspiration for SkateHut came from a pair of Heelys and over 10 years later, they are still one of our bestselling products, so it’s safe to say that we’re experts in Heelys! We have an extensive collection of Heelys, available in a range of sizes from Junior 11 all the way up to Adult 12!

We’ve made a rundown of the best pairs of Heelys from 2020 to help you narrow down your choice.

Heelys Hustle x SpongeBob

Heelys x Spongebob

Heelys are no stranger to collaborating with big names, and we think this is one of the best yet. These high top Heelys feature a large SpongeBob SquarePants throughout, with a classic one wheel design.

Heelys POP Disney Toy Story

Heelys Toy Story

To Infinity, And Beyond! Part of the wider Heelys x Disney collaboration, these Heelys feature a Buzz Lightyear colourway throughout, as well as Heelys new POP technology, allowing the wheel to retract into the shoe with the press of a button.

Heelys POP Disney Frozen

Heelys Frozen

Another one from the Heelys x Disney collaboration, these ice cool Heelys have a Elsa & Anna print across them and also feature Heelys POP retracting wheel technology!

Heelys X2 Swerve - White/Blue/Red

Heelys X2 Swerve White

We love this clean white, red & blue colourway! Ideal for the younger Heely rider, the X2 model features two wheels, one smaller and one larger, to provide more balance. This makes it much easier when learning how to Heely!

Heelys X2 Swerve - Hot Pink/Multi

Heelys X2 Swerve Pink

A vibrant, pink spin on the X2 Swerve model. Ideal for beginners thanks to their 2-wheel design, these also feature a power strap and lace up closure for that extra secure fit!

Heelys Voyager - Black/White

Heelys Voyager

Simple, sleek and understated, the Heelys Voyager is a classic model and one of our bestsellers. Designed with a pull tab for an easy slip on, these Heelys are ready to go anytime, anywhere!

You can shop our range our entire range of Heelys here!

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