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Beginner BMX Bikes

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Beginner BMX Bikes

Best Entry-Level BMX Bikes For Kids

A good BMX bike will be heavy duty to be able to withstand tricks, stunts and wheelies! Many riders believe in the philosophy that if you aren’t falling over and over again, you’re not progressing. That means you need to get you a bike that will withstand continuous fails and successes. If you’re new to the world of BMX, or if you’re buying for your child, take a look at our kids BMX bikes category.  All bikes here are entry-level and perfect for beginners.

Here’s a rundown of the best beginner BMX bikes here at SkateHut:

WeThePeople Prime 12.2" Complete Balance Bike BMX

WeThePeople green balance bike

With a custom short reach CNC featured, the Prime balance bike from WeThePeople is the coolest beginner bike for kids aged 3-5. If they’re fascinated with tricksters at the skatepark or they want to follow in their older sibling’s tread pattern, start them off on their shredding journey with this WeThePeople bike.

Cult Juvenile 12" A 2020 Complete BMX - Silver/Black

Kink kids bmx bike purple

The Cult Juvenile is designed to be a child’s first BMX pedal bike. The glossy silver colourway really shines, making for a great Christmas or Birthday surprise.

Cult Juvenile 14" B 2020 Complete BMX

Cult Juvenile kids bmx bike pink

Cult Juvenile is another great bike for the 4-7 age range. Perfect for those wanting to be just like the riders at the skate park. With an aluminium frame and bars, this bike has a nice lightweight feel, which will be manageable for a small child.

Fit 2020 Misfit 12 TT Complete BMX

Fit black bmx bike for kids

The Fit Bike 2020 Misfit has flatter seat angles, more kid-friendly grips and brakes for a young rider. Check out this complete for a child aged 4-7. Fit's 2020 complete line incorporates some of the best elements they have used over their two decades in the industry – a trustworthy brand indeed.

GT 16 U Mach One FW 2020

GT 16 U Mach One FW 2020

During the first two years of riding, beginners don’t tend to ride as fast or go as high since they’re still learning the basics. Another great bike for learning the basics is the GT 16 U Mach One. With strong components and a smaller frame, it should easily suit the 7-10 age range.

Stolen Agent 16" 2020 Complete BMX

Stolen bmx bike grey with red wheels

Made from Hi-ten steel, the Stolen Agent BMX is suitable for young riders wanting to start practising and progressing in their tricks. It’s both super strong and super light for a BMX complete. Suitable for the 7-10 age range whether they’re riding just outside the house or out at the park.

Blank Tyro Jr 20" Complete BMX 2020

Black Blank bmx bike

The Blank Tyro Jr has all the performance aspects of the adult size! It has strong and sturdy Hi-ten steel construction and is built with reliable components. Suitable for kids aged 9-12.

United Recruit Jr 18.5" 2020 Complete

United Recruit bmx bike purple

If you’ve got an adrenaline-loving child, the Blank Tyro Jr would be perfect. It’s great value for money and is built with reliable components so riders can ride with speed, good grip and confidence-inspiring control.

Venom 2019 20" Kids 13+

Venom red bmx bike for kids

The Venom 2019 complete is a quality BMX bike, suitable for kids aged 13 and over. With a hi-tensile steel frame, hi-tensile forks, White Wall tyres and high-quality material saddle, Venom have done a great job in creating a bike that feels top-of-the-line-expensive!

Mafiabike Kush2 Complete BMX

Mafiabike bmx kush2

The Kush2 is one of the best-selling Mafia BMX bikes. Suitable for kids 13 and over, this complete has a hi-tensile steel frame, U-brake with soft scuff pads, Lagos Crawler tyres and alloy rims. As the demand continues to grow for this bike, it may already be on your child’s wish list!

View the full range of kids BMX bikes here. If you need any help or advice when choosing, feel free to contact our Customer Services team 0121 501 1111.

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