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Get A BMX to Take you From the first bunny hop to more advanced tricks!

When you're shopping for an entry-level beginner BMX for a younger rider, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of choice that’s available to buy. So we have put together this handy list of our best beginner bikes to help you make the best decision!

Not all BMX’s are what they say they are. If you buy a BMX from a generic toy store then you may get a bike that’s BMX shaped and rides great, but when you attempt tricks you’ll soon find that the design and manufacturing do not hold up. It’s vital that you buy a BMX that is built to withstand the many jumps and the many spills that result from attempting and nailing BMX tricks, from the first bunny hop to more advanced tricks. Here at SkateHut we only sell bikes from dedicated BMX brands so you can be assured that their first bike will be ready to start learning tricks on.

WeThePeople Riot 14" Complete BMX Bike

WeThePeople Riot 14inch BMX

The Riot allows even younger riders to jump on a bike designed with fun and progression at the forefront. The frame and tyres are smaller to allow younger riders to gain confidence riding and tricking on a BMX who otherwise wouldn’t fit on a 16” or 20” full-sized BMX. This complete has the security in the build quality that WeThePeople have been providing for almost 30 years in the industry.

Stolen Agent 14" 2021 Complete BMX Bike

Stolen Agent 14inch BMX Bike

The Agent is another great choice for smaller, younger riders to get into BMX. With its updated frame geometry and build strength, it makes for a lighter, stronger bike to learn the ropes with. The bike also comes fitted with some great aftermarket components such as Chromoly Zeus Cranks, Stratos XS Stem & Fiction Troop Tires which makes this bike an obvious choice. The Agent is also available in a 16” frame as well.

Radio Dice 14" Complete BMX Bike

Radio Dice 14inch Complete BMX Bike

After the massive success of the all-new Dice BMX range last year, Radio took the concept of a lighter kids bike and introduced a smaller 14" The Dice includes a new 6061-T6 forged alloy crank making this bike even lighter than previously possible along with a full 6061 alloy frame the best combination of strength and durability.

Cult 2021 Juvenile 16" Complete BMX Bike

Cult 2021 Juvenile 16inch BMX Bike

The Cult Juvenile 16" is still a great beginner bike for kids that aren’t ready for a full-frame bike but are ready to get started in BMX. The frame is made from a lightweight 6061 aluminum, keeping the bike's weight right down for the smaller rider. Put together with solid aftermarket parts, sealed headset, chromoly cranks with sealed mid bottom bracket and Cult X Vans tyres collab tyres which complete this amazing whips look!

Fit 2021 Misfit 16" Complete BMX Bike

Fit 2021 Misfit 16inch BMX Bike

For 2021 Fit have added to their already iconic 16” frame geometry and tooled up for a new 31mm offset fork drop to go with it. Fit have also made it easier to pedal with a FIT 24 tooth sprocket and shorter cranks which are ideal for smaller beginner riders. To make it so braking is both safe and precise for tricking, Fit have upgraded to wider rims to work with the new Odyssey Springfield brakes, which are easy to pull and even easier to adjust. Fits’ smaller MISFIT grips and revised handlebars help round out the new and improved 16”.

WeThePeople Seed 16" Complete BMX Bike

WeThePeople Seed 16inch BMX Bike

A carefully designed and well crafted 16” bike, made for a beginner to have everything they need in a complete to learn, progress and have all the fun possible from BMX. This scaled-down machine has been lightened up this year to make it as easy as possible for a younger rider to reach their goals. The Seed is packed full of the latest Salt components like a Salt (Junior) 40mm reach stem, and Salt (Tracer) tires as well as the (AM) integrated headset and tapered fork. From small seeds mighty BMXers grow!

Of course if you are unsure what size bike would be best for the beginner BMXer in your life then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service experts who can assist you via phone, email or the live chat function on our website.

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