All The BIG Skateboard & Scooter Events Of 2019

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All The BIG Skateboard & Scooter Events Of 2019

2019 is gearing up to be an exciting year for skateboarding and scooter events. Read our rundown of all the major skater and scooter events for 2019 and don’t miss out! Our list here will be updated throughout the year as new events pop up and are confirmed, so feel free to bookmark this page so you can check for updates.


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Kings Norton Jam

Kings Norton Skatepark, Birmingham - 10th March 2019
If you’re into skateboarding and you live in the Midlands this event is not to be missed! The Kings Norton Skatepark while not the flashiest of skateparks, does feature a super smooth concrete surface which is still in great condition. Come along if you’re in the area and want to see some great shredders!


Adrenaline Alley, Corby - 24th March 2019
WCMX is the new exciting parasport designed to discover the best WCMX riders in the UK. While it's a free event, pre-registration is required. If you fancy seeing some amazing talent or showing your amazing talent, Adrenaline Alley is the place to be. Fancy a virtual walk around first? Bobby will take you round!

ISA Qualifiers

Adrenaline Alley, Corby, 4th May 2019
Another event from ISA to locate and showcase some of the best talent of 2019 is the ISA Qualifiers. A chance to compete in the ISA World Championships is enough for any local rider to register. The event, run by Madd Gear, promises to provide a platform for riders of all skill levels and invites everyone to come down and watch and cheer on your favourite riders.

UK independent Vert Series

5th May – 27th October 2019
This is event is for skateboarders that prefer the vert discipline. The UK Independent Vert Series takes place in multiple venues across a string of dates throughout the year. Every year skaters travel from far and wide, sponsored riders and new riders, to show off their best tricks. Here are the dates for this event:

    • Sunday service - Skaterham - 5th May
    • Seaside session - Ramp City - 26th May
    • Shut up and skate - Southsea Skatepark - 16th Jun
    • Steve Bayless Vert session st neots skatepark 28 Jul
    • Wheels of steel - Adrenaline Alley, Corby 25th Aug
    • Mount hawke Vert Jam - Mount Hawk Skatepark 29th Sept
    • Blockless Combat - Creation Skatepark - 26-27th Oct

As it’s such a large event, the Independent Vert Series never fails to draw a passionate crowd. With amazing venues booked, shredders with insane talent are encouraged to come down for a great day of insane vert skateboarding. This year’s event plans to finish on a 2-day mind-blowing event!

Nitro Circus Weekender

Butlins Minehead Arena, Minehead - 28th June - 1st July 2019
Hosted in the Butlins Minehead Arena, the Nitro Circus Weekender is always full of freestyle madness! This is the place to be to see some amazing FMX, scooter, BMX and skateboard action. Attending this event will also present a chance to see and possibly meet Ryan Williams. Attend his master classes in a purpose-built pump track and mini ramp. Girls and boys of all skill levels will be able to take part in these action-packed sessions. Come along and ride with a hero of the sport!

Eastbourne Beach Life Festival

13th – 14th July
The Eastbourne Beach Life festival is one of the biggest free extreme sports festivals that takes place in the UK. If you’re looking for two days jam-packed with adrenaline pumping action – this is the place to be. With good music, a bar, a skatepark, Roller Derby and a funfair, it’s sure to draw a large crowd looking for an extreme experience of their own!

NASS Festival

Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet - 11th – 14th July 2019
The Nass Festival is a huge skateboarding event. This year it will be held in Shepton Mallet. With a mixture of invitation only and open events, it’s most definitely going to be a weekend filled with amazing skill with a mix of street/vert ramp rail riding and of course the ring of fire! Head over to the NASS Festival for a fun-filled weekend.

Board Masters

Fistral beach, Cornwall, 7th August – 11th August 2019
BoardMasters as well as a music festival event is also a place where skateboarders and surfers can come and show their skill. Great for watching and consuming skateboarding, it is hosted in Cornwall and is part of a weekend long festival that has a huge attraction. With music and surfing as part of the entertainment too Boardmasters Invitational Skate and BMX contests at the mini ramp will be taking over Fistral beach. Head down to this event to see some of the best skaters and BMX riders go absolutely nuts!

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