Air Runner FAQ's

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Air Runner FAQ's

Air Runners are the latest gadget to hit the shelves and demand has been huge! With so many cheaper imitations on the market SkateHut specially selected Air Runner because of their rigourous safety testing and their commitment to using high quality parts at all times.

As such a new product we know that you will have questions so we have tried to answer them here:

Is it safe?

Air Runner products have been through rigorous testing to meet European (CE) and EMC standards so that they may be sold in the UK. The Air Runner meets all electrical standards needed and have been independantly tested in the UK also. As with all of our products, we reccomend that you wear suitable protective gear when using your Air Runner. It is important that you read the user manual before use, it contains useful information about how to operate the device, the built in safety features and the warranty agreement

What makes Air Runner different?

Demand for self balancing scooters has led to a lot of cheaper products hitting the UK market, in many cases these products have not gone through the required safety testing and are made with inferior parts. Air Runner use high quality parts and Samsung batteries for longevity.

What if something goes wrong?

We do not anticipate any issues with the Air Runner, however with all electrical products we appreciate how important it is to be protected in your purchase. Air Runner have a UK based customer services centre and a team of specially trained electrical engineers. They keep stock of spares including parts batteries so that any issues can be identified and resolved as fast as possible. Your warranty is held with Air Runner but we are happy to work with them on your behalf if needed.

What do I need to do?

Please inspect your device as soon as it arrives, even if it is intended as a gift.It is important that you register your warranty with Air Runner once you have received it, in the event that you think there may be a fault with the device please do not attampt to fix it yourself. Opening the unit without proper training could cause damage to the scooter and be potentially harmful.

Contacting Air Runner

The contact details for Air Runner are as follows, we always advise that you contact them directly due to the expertise of their customer services and technical teams-however, should you not wish to do this we will be happy do it for you:

Tel: +441706 482 003


You can find the latest copy of the user manual here

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