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A Closer Look At The SkateHut Stores

A Closer Look At The SkateHut Stores

Online shopping is great, it’s a convenient way to avoid queues and busy places and you can also buy things whenever, wherever.

But, going in to an actual shop is sometimes needed! We have 3 great stores that you can visit if you need a specialist service, some advice, or just to try clothing and kit on!

You may not know much about our awesome stores, so we thought we’d give you a bit of a run-down of what we have spread over the Midlands!  


Starting with Halesowen:

Our mothership shop and headquarters! It opened it’s doors in 2007 and has since had a range of products and services added to make it a great place for equipment and clothing. One of the main benefits of our Halesowen store is that it is connected to our main warehouse, which means we have a huge range of stock available on site. Our experienced staff also offer outstanding services like ice skate sharpening, custom skateboard building and custom scooter assembly. As well as all of that, we also carry the top lines when it comes to Roller Derby kit, so you can come and get properly fitted for your next set of skates and also have them built by our expert staff!


Next up, Corby:

Over at Adrenaline Alley (Europe’s largest urban sports venue), we have our second store, Corby. Being connected to the skate park means that they are very well equipped to make sure they have everything you need get up and running and out on the ramps. They have a huge range of skateboards, scooters and roller blades, and our expert staff are always on hand to offer advice and help when choosing the right kit. We’re also stocked up on some top clothing brands such as Thrasher, Nike SB and Skateboard Café.


Finally, over to our youngest store in Coventry:

As this is a slightly smaller store, we’ve hand-picked the lines to ensure we have the best scooters, skateboards, clothing and shoes. We make sure we constantly stock our top clothing brands for all the latest styles and trends. Our highly trained staff are always available when it comes to picking out new stuff too. Close to Coventry’s ice rink, we also have a great selection of ice skates and accessories!


So there we have it, 3 awesome stores in 3 great locations around the Midlands. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our staff are always more than happy to help whatever the query! We hope to see you soon at one of our shops. 

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